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Girlguiding UK
Girlguiding UK take Disclosures wholly on-line

Girlguiding UK is an organisation that relies heavily on volunteers to deliver guiding activities to approximately 600,000 young women.

2009 / 2010 is also the organisation’s centenary year which means more activities, more events and therefore more volunteers than normal.

So when Atlantic Data approached Girl Guides to become the first organisation to use the DBS’s e−Bulk service then it made sense on many fronts.

The following was provided by Ann Matthews, Girlguiding UK’s Membership Support Services Manager:

“As part of an organisation wide project to streamline the administration and cut bureaucracy Girlguiding UK has been working in partnership with, technology solutions provider Atlantic Data for the last three years to offer its members an on−line Disclosures application form.

“This enabled volunteers to enter the data electronically that was required for over printing on the standard CRB form. This quickly improved return rates and error rates on forms, which immediately dropped to 1.01%, as the system automatically cross checks the data as it is entered, to ensure it is accurate.

“This in turn led to cost savings in post and stationary, as well as enabled the organisation to move its recruitment checking resource, from 7 Regional offices to a centralised point at the national headquarters. The only sticking point in the process was obtaining the applicant’s signature!”

Introduction of e−Bulk

“The introduction of E−Bulk in April 2009 eradicated this sticking point as the validation of data is on−line, and a signature is no longer required. The average time it now takes from the point of data entry to the applicant receiving their certificate is just 6 days!

“For our Confidential Records Team of three people, that manage centralised recruitment checks for all Girlguiding UK volunteers, the average time is 4 days. A further two days saving as notification of results in the vast majority of cases are sent electronically from the CRB. As an organisation that is trying to do its bit for the planet this is a huge saving in paper alone.

“In the current economic climate there is the added bonus of cost savings in post and stationary too! This move has also led to a standardised approach to recruitment process which ensure all volunteers have the same experience and the same checks are carried out i.e. a criminal record disclosure (if appropriate) and two reference checks.

“Volunteers are much happier with the E−Bulk service as not only is it quicker they feel it is safer, providing a lower risk of identity theft as highly sensitive personal information is no longer put in the post.

“The introduction of E−Bulk has also helped Girlguiding UK with their demand forecasting as well as begin their preparation for the introduction of Vetting and Barring next year.

“Like all voluntary organisations recruiting enough adults to deliver the guiding programme is difficult. Girlguiding UK have approximately 50,000 girls and young women waiting to join and more Leaders and volunteers are desperately needed nationwide. Cutting down the paperwork without loosing any of the safe recruitment practice helps with this drive to provide a safe girl only space with a programme that is relevant for today’s girls and young women.”