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Atlantic Data Ltd provides access to DBS's e−Bulk channel

Atlantic Data Ltd was the first organisation to provide access to the DBS’s e−Bulk channel. Working with Girlguiding UK and the DBS’s e−Bulk project management team (formerly the CRB), Atlantic Data have successfully completed development, testing and CRB system assurance of the latest improvement in processing police check applications.

Director of Atlantic Data Ltd, Mark Follett says, “The launch of CRB’s e−Bulk channel on 17 April 2009 will signify the end of a two year project for our team. Our programme developers have worked closely with CRB’s own e−Bulk project team to establish the very first user of e−Bulk.

“Girlguiding UK have been a long standing user of Atlantic Data’s DisclosuresManager service. We’ve been able to develop the system so that other Registered Bodies can simply and quickly e−enable their organization to use the CRB’s e−Bulk channel.”

“The launch of our first electronic application system represents a significant milestone for The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and demonstrates our commitment to our customers to work towards making all of our services accessible electronically.

The CRB have worked closely with Atlantic Data through the development of our new e−Bulk service to ensure that the service meets the needs of our customers. Atlantic Data are a valued customer of the CRB and I would like to thank them for their hard work and support throughout the development of the new service.”
− Adele Townsend − Director of Resources − DBS.

Mark Follett adds, “We have a further five Registered Bodies about to be e−Bulk enabled through DisclosuresManager. The only criteria being that organizations process over 3,000 applications a year.

“Organisations processing fewer than 3,000 applications can enjoy all the benefits of the DBS’s e−Bulk channel by using Atlantic Data’s Umbrella Body − DisclosuresDBS.”

Benefits of the DBS’s e−Bulk channel include:

  • Prevent employment delays; the system can reduce overall processing time by 5−10 days as postal delivery and DBS pre−processing is no longer require;
  • DBS Adult First responses are possible within 24 hours of submitting application;
  • No data errors; no rejected applications;
  • Reduce manual administration by 50%, saving time and hassle;
  • No postal costs;
  • No enveloping;
  • Keep all disclosure application records in one place;
  • Less Mail to Open − Electronic Disclosure Certificate for all Clear Applications;
  • Provides simple means to communicate the Disclosure result;
  • Provide Applicants & Customers an impressive and effortless experience for submitting Disclosure applications;
  • Simple method to manage and track the application lifecycle;

For further information please contact Atlantic Data on 03333 207 300.